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Mick Berg

Trainz is a railway simulation program. Very realistic simulation can be achieved. You can do your own “content creation” using  3d graphics software such as Blender (free, open-source). I used it to simulate the Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace branch of the Northern Heights line of the GNR/LNER.

It took ten years to complete this project. As I lived near the Alexandra Palace station, I knew the line very well and reconstructed it from memory even though it closed in 1954 when I was a young boy.

I am no longer using Trainz but I made a YouTube video of the route. I believe it is now the only way to visualise how this route looked, as it has been completely obscured, by buildings on the station sites, and the course of nature. Most of the line has been converted into a nature trail called the “Parkland Walk”.

The YouTube link is https://youtu.be/MiQLxx2wHZw

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