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Mick Berg

I have a large pipe organ console for sale. It is a three-manual and pedal drawknob console to AGO specification. The console is prepared for Hauptwerk or other MIDI virtual organ software.

The console was built in 1967 by Klann for Moller, and installed in St.Paul’s Cathedral in San Diego (no, not London!) as a temporary.

There are 80 moving drawknobs. Couplers are on reverse-color drawknobs. There are no rocker tabs. The music desk is immediately above the Swell manual as in a tracker organ. This is a very comfortable layout.

There are 6 general pistons, four divisionals for each manual, a sforzando and GC. Four swell pedals, the right-hand one raised for crescendo use.

The keys and stops are connected to a Devtronix MIDI encoder, and the drawknob magnets are controlled by DTS MIDI driver cards.

There is a floating Echo division with six dedicated drawknobs, and its own set of four divisional pistons.

The console is very solidly built in solid and veneered light oak, and the stop jambs and keyboards are in solid and veneered red mahogany. The finish is excellent with no scratches or other damage.

To move the console you will need a truck with a lift gate or ramp, and several able-bodied assistants.

Digital Organs

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***FOR SALE!***